Damsels and Dungeons Cheats [Amaraine]

Damsels and Dungeons Cheats [Amaraine] add to your game.

Cheats for Player


  • Gold: gold=Y
  • Mana: mana=Y
  • Attention: attention=Y

Cheats for Party


  • Strength: roster[X].str=Y
  • Dexterity: roster[X].dex=Y
  • Constitution: roster[X].con=Y
  • Intelligence: roster[X].int=Y
  • Wisdom: none available.
  • Charisma: not available.
  • Sexuality: roster[X].sexuality=Y
  • Hit Points: ???
  • Spell Points: ???
  • Experience: roster[X].experience=Y
  • Affection: roster[X].affection=Y
  • Lust: roster[X].lust=Y
  • Alignment: good, bad or somewhere in-between?
  • Add Trait: roster[X].traits.append(“Trait”)
  • Remove Trait: roster[X].traits.remove(“Trait”)
  • Add Fetish: roster[X].fetishes.append(“Fetish”)
  • Remove Fetish: roster[X].fetishes.remove(“Fetish”)
  • Name Change: ???
  • Class Change: ???

Help & Note


X is character slot number (0–whatever); Y is desired amount.
The names of traits & fetishes can be found in-game using the help menu.

Make sure you type them correctly as they appear. Save beforehand. May or may not break, cause errors, and/or bug your game. To activate the config.console do one of the following. . . cast Wish, pray really hard every day for fifty years, pickpocket your neighbor’s panties, sacrifice 66 virgins, search F95 Zone’s dungeons—or edit the >00console.rpy< file in the Damsels>>>renpy>>>common folder with your finger claw thingies & Notepad—changing >False< to >True< and rolling a successful saving throw against paralyzation, poison or death magic. Then press Shift+O while in-game to open the console menu. Use at your own risk or peril. You have been painstakingly informed—so no whining! I’m not your code slave! :'(

Not sure if traits.append works, because you can add something like: “roster[X].traits.append(“Mega Bitch”)”. . . .

Use Damsels and Dungeons Cheats [Amaraine] to your game carefully otherwise it may break your game.

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